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Juhyun Chung May 15, 2000 00:41

CFD software

I have a plan to purchase a commercial software package for my research. I wanna simulate the flow within the vessels such as vascular branching and stenosis. Those are biomedical applications but not different with the ordinary fluid problems except for some additional features.

Which software will be the best? Of course, there are so many softwares I can use. I just want to know your experience on the softwares you used before.

Thanks for your help.

Juhyun Chung

Alton Reich, PE May 15, 2000 11:02

Re: CFD software
A number of researchers (both within and external to our company) are using our CFD-ACE+ software for simulating biomedical applications involving compliant vessels. There are some examples of biomedical applications on our website: <>

If you have detailed questions, or want references, I can put you in touch with the right people.

Regards, Alton

clifford bradford May 15, 2000 14:08

Re: CFD software
i know that people have used FIDAP for this type of application

turboguy May 18, 2000 01:20

Re: CFD software
There are so many CFD codes. However for your cfd analysis in biomedical fields, I would like to recommned the STAR-CD.

There are several published papers of bio-CFD application. It can be analysis for the fluid-sturucture coupling analysis and moving mesh application(like the heart valves).

If you touch the, you can get the good information.


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