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Tomasx Ochrymiuk May 16, 2000 06:15

gas combustion test case
Hello, I need information, where can I find some (standard) test case in subject natural gas combustion (mayby some experimental gas turbine chamber or burner). I need geometry, boundary conditions and experimental results. I'm making Phd thesis and I'm going to validate numerical cod.


Tomesz Ochrymiuk

Nuray Kayakol May 18, 2000 04:24

Re: gas combustion test case
Please read N. Kayakol, N, Selçuk, I. Campbell and Ö. Gülder, Performance of Discrete Ordinate Method in a Gas Turbine Combustor Simulator, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 21, 134-141 (2000).

fuel is propane not natural gas. But it may help to verify the code expecially for radiative heat transfer calculation. Definition of boundary conditions significantly affects the result. I will send it to you as pdf format.

Dr. Nuray kayakol Sisecam glass research center

AYYAPILLAI MURALI June 20, 2000 02:42

Re: gas combustion test case
Dear Dr. Nuray kayakol,

I would be grateful if you could send the pdf document on the gas combustion test cases as I have been working on a similar problem.

Thanking You

Ayyapillai Murali

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