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Jose Choy May 18, 2000 05:56

Navier stokes compresible viscid flow fea, somebody can help?
I believe that this discussion forum is to exchange information or get it so i am repeating my last letter to see if somebody can help or give me a website to seek for more information:

Hello, I am trying to model the flow pattern of a Wankel engine in 3D, In the past I solved the Reynolds equation for a tiltingpad journal bearing considering thermal effects using the hybrid FEA method of Baliga, but now in this engine the problemhas another proportion so, I started with some books of finite element analysis but for me is quite difficult. I have four mains doubts:

1)I read somewere that FEA does not have(!!!???) false diffusion problems, but in some SAE papers I found that some authors use dissipation funtions to avoid it and they said they use FEA, this mean variational method??.

2)I can't understand how some people include artificial eddy funtions before solving the Navier Stokes equation, could somebody tellme how is this?

3)In this CFD problems, Is the energy equation (i.e. First law of thermodynamic) solved by FEA at the same time of the Navier Stokes Ecuation and continuity equations for a diferential element? or The space is solved first for continuty, second for N-E, and tree for energy and iterate again until get the smallest error?

4)What mean these turbulent kinetic energy factor and Dissipation rate of turbulating system? Is this the way to include eddy effects on the flowfield?

Please if somebody can send to me a sourcecode in C, C++, basic, or fortran of navier-stokes 3D (well 2D can help!) flow I will be grateful, is very hard to learn this only reading books and shootig to everywhere.

I apologize if I have been too curious,

Yours sincerely....Jose Choy.

P.D. I know that could be easier if I use a comercial CFD software, but I really want to learn how this thing is done! Thanks.

Cfd May 18, 2000 22:36

Re: Navier stokes compresible viscid flow fea, somebody can help?
You might find the discussion on moving grids in the book by Peric and Ferziger relevant, although it is intended for finite volume methods. In my opinion, FVM is more natural for fluid flows, and most of the successful commercial CFD codes are based on methods similar to those described in the book.

Jose Choy May 19, 2000 05:55

Re: Navier stokes compresible viscid flow fea, somebody can help?
Thank you for your reply. I am going to check this book on the library. Do you know a chatroom of disscussion in this topic??


Jose Choy.

ritesh October 24, 2003 02:28

Re: Navier stokes compresible viscid flow fea, som

even i am doing a study of tilting pad bearing ,actually i plan to do a static analysis of the bearing and then apply neural networks to it ,can u help me out by sharing the material u have got on tilting pad bearing.

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