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Gritt Pokriefke May 18, 2000 10:04

Two phase flow
Does it make some sense, trying to combine the Level Set Method with FEM to simulate two phase flow?

The Level Set Funktion "Phi" is a distance function which is zero at the front between the two fluids. The Zero Level Set is moved by a transport equation of the form

d Phi/d t + v grad Phi = 0

The governing equations of motions shall be solved with FEM. My question is:

Can I approximate the Level Set Funktion over the domain also with the Finite Element Method?

thanks ...

Tareq Al-shaalan May 23, 2000 06:46

Re: Two phase flow
I aminterested in this area. Would you please give me more information about Level Set Funktion "Phi"

Tareq Al-shaalan

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