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Ricardo Bonon May 18, 2000 18:37

More advise on libraries to solve linear system
Hello everybody,

what is the more suitable kind of solvers for linear systems to use with equations from finite element triangular discretizations, sparse iterative solvers or LU/Gauss factorization solvers?

Browsing through netlib, I found LAPACK is by far the most widely used library. Netlib also recommend meschach for C programmers. Both libraries are direct solvers, using LU factorization (if I am not wrong).

When it comes to the iterative solvers, the most cited are BlockSolve, IML++, etc ... and LASPack, the one I've tested without success.

So I ask you: what libraries do you use in your programs? What about it's stability and robustness? And its performance.

I know these are quite general questions, but any answer will help me.

Thank you!

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