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Fred G. Kang September 28, 1998 17:07

Geometry setup for phase change problem
Hello CFD experts,

I have done the simulation of the combustion in a chamber without putting any solid materials in it, the result seems to be good. Now, I am trying to sovle the phase change problem, the solid bulk is exactly the chamber-shape-fitted with several inches thickness. My problem is that I don't know how to set a solid region other than fluid. and furthermore, the difference in grid generation.

Thank you CFD people help me out.

sheng October 14, 1998 11:41

Re: Geometry setup for phase change problem
First you can do solid region defination based on your old Grid file, put some specific physical properties such as Laminar Viscosity=10 or more big, after the solver running you will see there is almost zero velocity within your solid region. (If you want to do phase change with this solid, you'd better create fine grid in the solid region)

If you want to phase change of this solid, then 2 ways: 1 modlify the solid grid by moving grid method, recreate your grid; 2 keep the old grid, after several time step, redefine the physical properties.

Hope this will help Good luck

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