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Jim Park April 25, 2000 13:10

Re: Role of Boundary Pressure
Are you modeling a compressible flow or an incompressible flow?

What are the velocity boundary conditions you wish to impose?

Abhijit Tilak May 25, 2000 01:17

Role of Boundary Pressure
hi everybody,

I have some fundamental doubt about the excat role of boundary pressure. My first question is should i use the boundary pressure i have obtained by p' equation in momentum equation. The boundary pressure is obtained by interpolating from interior nodes. What i have observed that such interpolation leads to spurious source of mass. There also seems to be some sensitivity to grid spacing of first two nodes from the boundary. I have tried using cubic interpolation for boundary pressure, but it does'nt help. Shah and London have proposed a correlation of extracting boundary pressure, but that's for some special cases. I am using non-staggered grid. My main question is what is the excat role of boundary pressure and how effectively can i use it. thnx abhijit tilak

Abhijit Tilak May 29, 2000 01:13

Re: Role of Boundary Pressure
hi jim.

i am solving usual driven cavity flow with three impenetrable walls and one moving. the flow is ofcourse incompressible.and the grid is boundary condition is u=0 and v=0 at the walls.

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