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Chris Rawlings May 26, 2000 11:01

Normal Jet in Crossflow
I am looking for any CFD simulations of a normal jet in crossflow with jet/crossflow velocity ratio from 0.5-2.0.

Dennis Hollowman May 26, 2000 11:43

Re: Normal Jet in Crossflow
I am also doing research in this are, and I have also had a difficult time finding papers on this subject (especially ones dealing with Andropolis and Rodi)

Thanks Dennis Hollowman

Stacey May 26, 2000 12:53

Re: Normal Jet in Crossflow
A tough problem due to turbulence modeling etc. The main problem I've seen is simulating the correct surface pressures just downstream of the orifice. The surface pressures in the wake are pretty sensitive to the type of turbulence modeling used.

I have a few references, mostly older ones. Check out:

AIAA-93-0870 "A numerical investigation of a subsonic jet in a crossflow"

AIAA Journal Vol. 17 No.2, "Prediction of a Three-dimensional Circular Jet in Crossflow"

AIAA-89-0448 "A Numerical Study of the Contrarotating Vortex Pair Associated with a Jet in a Crossflow"

These papers in turn contain a lot of references, numerical and experimental, on jets in crossflow.


Mohit Agarwal May 27, 2000 00:53

Re: Normal Jet in Crossflow
You'll find the LES of a round jet in crossflow in J. Fluid Mech, some issue in 1999, I don't remember the volume. They performed the LES for two different jet/crossflow velocity ratios - and one of those was 2.

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