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Valery May 28, 2000 09:58

I am looking for preprocessor and postprocessor
Hello everybody, I am looking 3-dimensional preprocessor (generation 3-D grid) and postprocessor (visualisation 3-D fields). If anybody has advice I would be very thankful for your help. Valery.

David May 28, 2000 16:07

Re: I am looking for preprocessor and postprocessor

Please have a look at our products;

ICEM CFD TETRA - Automatic TET / PRISM meshing - unique concept means no surface meshing !

ICEM CFD HEXA - HEX mesher - unique features include automatic O / C grid generation

ICEM CFD VISUAL 3 - 3D postprocessor - very easy to use

Look at for your nearest office who should be able to set you up with a test license.



John C. Chien May 28, 2000 23:38

Re: I am looking for preprocessor and postprocessor
(1). You can visit the commercial cfd code vendors and sponsors in this forum.(their web pages) (2). In general, most commercial cfd codes come with the necessary modules and tools to handle the problem, including the geometry generation code (CAD), the mesh generation code, the solver code and the graphic display code. (3). For general applications, using the commercial cfd code with complete set of modules would be the best approach, because these modules though in many cases are developed by other third parties, they are connected properly as a whole unit. So, you don't have to worry about which version of one module will work properly with which version of the solver. (4). There are general purpose post-processors available, such as FieldView and Tecplot,etc... These professional codes have been around for a while, so they are fairly reliable. (5). But you will have to write your output files in certain specific format so that the post-processor can process it. (6). Even though the post-processor is always trouble free, you need to know the computer platform and system you are going to use, because the graphics is still hardware specific. (7). The front end ( geometry and mesh generation) is not simple. Even with integrated cfd code, you will always run into different kind of troubles long before you reach the solver stage. (8). So, before you jump right into the water, you need to know the hardware and system you are going to use, the type of the formulation of the solver, the kind of mesh it can accept, and the kind of problem you are going to solve. (9). After you have done these home work exercises, it would be easier then to narrow down the kind of codes you need. (10). The post-processor normally is fairly easy to use. But for the front end pre-processor, it is very important to include the technical support and especially in-depth user training in addition to the software license. Each code is written in different way, and this include the GUI command sequences. Sometimes, it is impossible to use trial-and error approach to figure out certain operation sequence.

John Chawner May 29, 2000 09:20

Re: I am looking for preprocessor and postprocessor
Hello Valery,

Please consider our Gridgen software which is described at


Robert Schneiders May 30, 2000 03:28

Re: I am looking for preprocessor and postprocessor

take a look at



Hope it helps,


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