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OskarT September 10, 2019 11:49

Viscous layers in Salome 9.3.0

I'm learning Salome (9.3.0) for meshing since it has a GUI (please feel free to recommend other software for meshing) and I've encountered some problems.

What I've done:
  1. Imported a geometry.
  2. Made a volume.
  3. Cut the geometry out of the volume.
  4. Made the groups of inlet, outlet etc
  5. Created NETGEN 1D-2D-3D of the volume-geometry (computed the mesh without problems, looks good)
  6. Added hypothesis: Viscous layer around the geometry with desired parameters.
  7. Compute the mesh


Warning. Thickness 0.2 of viscous layers not reached, average reached thickness is 0.142281
It DOES generate a mesh but not with the parameters I want.

I have tried changing the viscous layer parameters without any luck. I have tried changing the NETGEN parameters without any luck. Lowering the viscous layer thickness gives similar problem but for the new thickness.

Any ideas?

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