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Jonas Larsson June 9, 2000 12:01

New Site-Wide Search Engine
I've added a new site-wide search engine to CFD Online. You can use it to search all publicly available pages at CFD Online, including all discussion forums. Some parts of the Jobs Database are still not searchable, but that should be working in a few days. Please let me know if you find any problems with the new search-function. I hope you like it.

Sergei Chernyshenko June 12, 2000 03:09

Re: New Site-Wide Search Engine
Hi, Jonas,

This turned out to be a useful facility for me. One small comment: when search results are viewed with Netscape with image loading off (as I usually do) one cannot find the 'Next' button. I pressed the page numbers several times before realized what was going on :) (Well, instead of jumping to the next page, the button image was loaded, but I started to read the same page again and again). By the way, with lynx it is all right.

It is better to keep all functional things like that in a text form. We do not visit your site for nice pictures :).

Thanks for the search engine.


Jonas Larsson June 12, 2000 05:42

Re: New Site-Wide Search Engine
I'm glad that you found the new search facility useful. I've changed the "paging" bar to text-only so now it should look good even if you have automatic image loading turned off in netscape. Thanks for the feedback!

Jalaiah June 12, 2000 12:55

Re: New Site-Wide Search Engine

This search engine is very much useful! Even without looking into the archive of old messages one can get the topics of his interest, just by giving some key words.

Thanks to Jonas!


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