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ram June 12, 2000 06:56

how to buy software?
hi.. our company is interested in buying commercial software for underhood flow analysis of the automobile. i have been asked to eveluate the commercial software available in teh market. can u kindly enlighten me how should i proceed with this aspect? i want to evaluate the softwares technically, not commercially. what are the aspects one has to look if we eveluate the softwares technically? i would like to have your kind comments on this aspects..

regards ram prakash

Aaron J. Bird June 12, 2000 08:28

Re: how to buy software?
Ram, I would recommend that you contact the companies advertised at this web site (ACRI, Fluent, BRNI, AEA, etc, etc) and ask them for demo disks and information about their capabilities. I believe that when you put your cfd engineer(s) together with almost any of these companies' software and their tech support personnel, you will be able to make progress toward solving your problem. Something important to consider might be the meshing capabilities offered by the respective companies... If you haven't already done so, a literature search is very helpful so you know what has already been accomplished and how it was done. Good luck. -Aaron

John C. Chien June 12, 2000 23:01

Re: how to buy software?
(1). You need to know whether the code can actually provide you the solutions you are looking for. So, write down your needs and requirement. (2). You need to know whether the vendor's support engineers can run the code and provide you the solutions. It is ideal if they have solved the similiar problem and can provide you samples. (3). You need to know whether you or your company can run the code on your own and obtain the consistent results. (4). Then you can decide whether to buy one code, a couple of codes, or several codes, depending upon your needs and budget.

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