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ZHU June 12, 2000 22:29

Is there anyone can give me information
I am planing to submit a paper concerning the use of generalized curvilinear coordinates (Body-fitted coordinates) to "International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids". There are many editors in the following "Editorial Board"

Can anyone tell me who is most closely concerned with the subject of using generalized curvilinear coordinates with FD/FV method in these editors.

Thank you very much

John C. Chien June 12, 2000 22:51

Re: Is there anyone can give me information
(1). Are you sure that it is the right place? Most of them are the world class FE masters. (2). It is a good idea to know the Journal before you submit the paper for publication. (3). Well, that's purely my personal feeling. (4). You can still send the paper to the journal though. Send it directly to the editor of the journal. It is not a good idea to reveal the reviewer's name when reviewing the paper. When I review a paper, almost every sentence was questioned. So, one should not know the name of the reviewer. (5). This is not a joke. So, send it in and forget about it. By the way, at one time, it took a journal nealy three years to publish my paper. You can try the conferences or meetings, it is more interesting there. Especially, you can meet people and ask questions.

ZHU June 12, 2000 23:15

Re: Is there anyone can give me information
thank you very much for your information. I am not sure whether that journal is the right place for my subject or not? Would you please recommend me some more suitable Journals?

John C. Chien June 12, 2000 23:31

Re: Is there anyone can give me information
(1). Check out the Resources/Journal online of this forum. (2). Also look at the reference section of your paper. For reason of continuity, try to submit to the Journals mentioned in your paper. In this way, it is easier for the journal to locate reviewers (who have published papers in the same field), and it is also easier for the readers to follow your paper when it is published. (3). You don't want to publish your paper in one country while the referenced papers are all published in another countries. (4). It is likely that your paper will be reviewed by the authors appeared in your paper's references.

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