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Stefan.Maehlmann June 13, 2000 06:16

Hello, i'd like to use a shock-fitting algorithm for the flowfield calculation at blunt bodies at 2.0<=Ma<=2.5. But it seems to be difficult to get informations about the theory and the derivation of the relevant shock equations. If you have any idea about literature which treats this topic or where i can get further informations please let me know. Thanx in advance, Stefan Maehlmann

John C. Chien June 13, 2000 12:38

Re: Shock-fitting
(1). Try "Gasdynamics" books. Especially those books published in 50's and 60's. (2). Try to read the MOC related sections. (3). Two volumes of books by A. Shapiro (MIT) are also excellant source of information. It also has a section on the curved nose shock calculation over a blunt body.(try a library on Shapiro's book, it could be out-of-print for a while)

Roland Vilsmeier June 13, 2000 16:37

Re: Shock-fitting
Dear shock fitting enthousiast,

I think propagation speed and, if applied, inner boundary conditions are the easyer part of the whole thing. Check out Rankine-Hugoniot eqns and find the relations you need.

Since you're in Aachen, Matthias could sure give you all help you need. However, since we're also trying some stuff in this direction, please give me a mail, if you dont mind.

I'd be interested in your general approaches.

Thanks and best regards,

Roland ( )

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