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Avni February 26, 2020 07:12

Water-Water Vapour Pressure Validation
Hi guys ,

Recently I was studying on water-water vapour in 2D cap here is case;

*Materials ; Water Liquid, Water Vapour(With constant density)
*k-w SST turbulence model
*Coupled Solver
*VOF Model
*Water Liquid primary phase and vapour is secondary phase
*Evaporation-Condensation Lee model (With constant saturation temp)
*Temperature boundary condition about 4 walls
*372.5 K initial condition
*1 Atm absolute pressure initialization (All system has 1 atm pressure at the beginning)

I know constant saturation temperature and constant vapour density is wrong instead constant they have to dependent pressure/temperature.

I have 3 question about this case ;

1- How should I define Water Vapour ?

Do I have to write UDF for saturation temperature and density ?

2- How should I calculate Standart State Enthalpy for any material ?

I search a lot found that if I use Latent Heat * Molecular Weight
(2442 kJ/kg)*(18.01528 kg/kmol) = 43993.31376 kJ/kmol

But fluent default values are different and also in Ansys tutorial they use 0 for liquid as I expect but 2.992325e+07 for Standart State Enthalpy how they calculate this value ?

Here is Tutorial Link Below;

3- VOF Evaporation-Condensation Model is right ?

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