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Rajkool March 6, 2020 10:12

Mass-flow rate or mass-flow distribution
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Hello all,

I know it seems to be a basic question or it might be a big mistake. Please excuse me and help me.

My model as a number of inlets and one outlet. One type of fluid flows in one inlet and the rest of them have other fluid. So, I have a total of two fluids. I have two velocity inlets and one pressure outlet with default settings of physics, solution method, and controls.

I have been trying for velocity profile and mass flow distribution. But when I hybrid initialize, plot and calculate.

I get a mass flow rate graph as follows in the attached image. I cannot see any values on Y-axis? If the solution is, I should provide Mass-flow inlet. Then, Can't it be done with the velocity profile and mass flow rate can be calculated in a single simulation?

Please let me know, what all changes could I make or what is the problem.

Thank you

LuckyTran March 6, 2020 16:18

Can't tell what models you're using to say what you should be doing to get the massflow but check the setting on your massflow rate report.

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