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Sunil Hadap June 16, 2000 14:38

Air-dust simulation!
I am getting interested in multi-fluid or multi-phase fluid dynamics (for computer graphics). I am particularly interested in compressible multi-fluid dynamics where the the boundary is very fuzzy. What I am searching is specifically somthing like air-dust interaction or air-cloud interaction.

Can someone point me out some good reference (online would be great, but also otherwise) about this? I know little of CFD and Navier-Stokes equation, but never did multi-fluid or multi-phase dynamics.


Sunil Hadap

Sergei Chernyshenko June 20, 2000 14:39

Re: Air-dust simulation!
Hi, Sunil,

Related recent review:

A.N.Osiptsov. Mathematical modeling of dusty-gas boundary layers. Appl. Mech. Rev., vol.50, No. 6, June 1997, pp. 357-370.

It hardly can serve as an introductory text but it contains more than 100 references.

And it contains the e-mail of the author so that you can ask further questions, I believe.

From a CFD viewpoint, now the most advanced approaches to gas-particle mixture simulation use Euler coordinates for gas phase but Lagrange coordinates for particles thus avoiding difficulties with infinite density of the pressure-less particles phase on the envelopes of the particle trajectories which are a common feature of such flows.

Rgds, Sergei

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