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Joerg Ettrich June 16, 2000 18:24


I'm searching for (simple) CFD codes (source code !!!) for educational use (turbomachinery). So, can anyone tell me where I can get codes like the old DAWES CODE or MISES for free (or can anyone offer me such a source code?) ???

John C. Chien June 16, 2000 19:44

(1). Based on my personal experience, I would strongly recommend "NOT TO" use any of these "free", "low cost", or even " the commercial codes" for educational use. (2). The reason is very simple, that is, these are not reliable or accurate. (3). And you must be the "Master" of the CFD field with many many years of experience, in order to read, understand, and decode these codes. It normally takes six months to one year for a master to do so. (4). And in the end, in all cases, you would say to yourself that " It would be easier to write the code from scratch". (5). Believe me, if you don't understand CFD, owning and running a code is just waste of time. Many people are just doing so. (6). In recent years, I have worked for two turbomachinery related companies. The funny thing is, the codes they modified from someone's codes for the in-house use, all have serious errors in it. Just to mention a couple of examples, one code will produce a solution but with the input conditions changed. The other is the wrong definition of the total pressure and artificial fix of the total pressure. So, the total pressure in the solution is different from the input. (When the solution is not accurate, the peosons who have access to the source codes will definitely make it look reasonable. (7). Will this lead to problems in products? The answer is 100% yes. (8). The suggestion is still the same: if you do not have access to accurate test data, do not touch the cfd analysis or results.

clifford bradford June 19, 2000 13:17

you can try in the software section. the turbomachinery codes seem more complex than what you want but you may find codes in the other sections which are more useful.

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