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ZHU June 19, 2000 02:18

How can I post a figure on this forum?
I have a question on how to generate mesh. And I'd like to ask my question with a figure which shows the geometric shape of calculation objective. Is it possible to post a figure here? If it is possible, how to do it?

John C. Chien June 19, 2000 11:48

Re: How can I post a figure on this forum?
(1). It was demonstrated here a long time ago. (2). But I think the graphics is slow for many readers, and it takes a lot of memory. (3). You can post it in your webpage and make the address known here. or you can send it by e-mail to someone of interest. ( many don't like to open the attachment in e-mail)

Patrick Godon June 19, 2000 11:56

Re: How can I post a figure on this forum?
when you write in this forum a message, the text of the message can be written in html format, i.e. the format used for web pages, etc... So in order to put your picture here you need to put your picture (for example) on your web page and then put the reference here, like you do on your web page to refer to another web page.

If you are familiar with writing web pages you will understand, otherwise you can ask some help from a friend who knows about that, it would be too long to explain.

Does anyone else have something to suggest?

<hr> for example this is my web page , and you can click on it to see it, etc... <hr>

Cfd June 21, 2000 22:22

Re: How can I post a figure on this forum?
Perhaps cfd-online can provide some space to upload a figure, and then allow it to be referenced. Or someone could take the lead and set up a website just to hold figures for this forum (I'd volunteer if there is any general interest, as there are so many free web hosting services available).

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