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Mohammad Kermani June 19, 2000 22:58

Baldwin-Lomax model, AIAA78-257

I have a question from the original paper of B-L, AIAA 78-257.

In their paper, Figs. 5 to 7, the middle figure, they show the distribution of (delta*)u_e vs. y^+.

Just consider a simple case, flow over a flat plate or an airfoil, I was wondering, both (delta*) and u_e vary just with "x", so what does it mean the profile of (delta*)u_e vs. y^+?

delta* = displacement thickness, u_e = exterior velocity, say velocity at the edge of layer, and y^+= rho*u_tau*y/mu.

Thanks for your help.


John C. Chien June 20, 2000 12:29

Re: Baldwin-Lomax model, AIAA78-257
(1). You are lucky, you have the original paper. (2). I think, there must be something wrong with the labels. (3). Look at the units, and the shape of the curve, maybe you can come up with the correct labels for the plot. What were the titles of the plots?

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