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mazhar16823 April 26, 2020 07:16

Reference Area, Stream Edge Definition and Residuals

I have following queries related to STARCCM+, I would appreciate your comments.

- The reference area for the wind turbine blade used in the Reports (STARCCM) is the frontal area calculated via Report or it would be 1/3 of swept area as I have one wind turbine blade case?

- In STARCCM+, Stream Edge Function for SST Transition Model is defined as $WallDistance>0.005?1:0 which means that BL is 5 mm thin but in my case maximum BL is 0.1 m. If I replace 0.005 with 0.1 won't it create a problem in the simulation?

- When I run the simulation (using frontal area for the blade) the residuals show up from the right side of the plot rather left side (which is uncommon for me). What could go wrong?

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