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Gamba Federico June 22, 2000 11:16

ICEM-HEXA file format documentation
Where can I find the documentation for the file format generated with ICEM-HEXA ? I need to realize a C/C++ reader for this format.

John C. Chien June 22, 2000 21:04

Re: ICEM-HEXA file format documentation
(1). ICEM/Hexa can generate single, multi-block structured mesh, multi-block O-type structured mesh. (2). So, the mesh file should be fairly simple. (3). ICEM also can put out (translate into) mesh file for many cfd flow solvers. (4). My impression was that there is an option to put out mesh file in ASCII format. One should be able to figure out the mesh format by testing it with simple geometry. (5). Well, would it be easier to get the format directly form the ICEM company?

Gamba Federico June 23, 2000 03:10

Re: ICEM-HEXA file format documentation
I'll try to get this info directly from them. Thank's anyway.

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