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The July 9, 2020 21:47

Turbulent Velocity Scale
Hi, for my initial conditions I need to define the turbulent velocity scale (k-Omega model). But what exactly is the turbulent velocity scale? Acoording to star-ccm+ it's defined as (turbulent length scale / turbulent time scale). However what is it exactly? The speed of the largest eddies? When I look up the equations for K-Omega SST I don't see this coming up. I can't find any information about it. The only thing Star-CCM+ tells me is that for pipe flows it should be the same as the inlet velocity. However when I look at an example of one of their tutorials (pipe flow) they don't put in the value of the inlet velocity but instead 10% of it. Can somebody tell me what effects this value has on my results?

Thank you very much!

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