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Morteza Marivani June 26, 2000 07:36

Chart for CFD Department
We are a new developing group in R&D center of a automative company.At the moment we are trying to creat a chart for CFD department in our organization. Please comment us if you have any experience in similar organization. Thank you for your reply.

Best Regards Morteza Marivani

John C. Chien June 26, 2000 09:00

Re: Chart for CFD Department
(1). I am very busy, but I think, I can handle it. (2). I still don't know the type of your company, "automative", "automatic", "automation", or "automotive". (3).Could you say something about your products? and Your goal briefly. It is not possible to present the idea here, so, if your products are attractive, I will let you know through e-mail.

Morteza Marivani June 27, 2000 01:55

Re: Chart for CFD Department
Thank you very much for your attention, i work in R&D Center a automotive company, we work on designing of new car, in CFD group, i follow three following goals: 1. Development of a code for simulation of fluid flow phenomena(programming group) 2. Using of a commercial code for modeling of our problems in the field of fluid dynamics. 3. organizing a exoerimental aerodynamic team for preparing of our requirements in our simulatins.

thank you for your guidance. Best regards Morteza Marivani

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