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J.J. June 26, 2000 17:37

Navier Stokes Equations
if CFD is such a great technique how come it can't: 1. by pass transition 2. allow asymmetries in symmetric flowfields 3. effectively useless at predicting flow separation

and also how come not much work is done with the vorticity transport equations which are much simpler due to the fact that for an incompressible flow pressures can be neglected.

John C. Chien June 26, 2000 19:22

Re: Navier Stokes Equations
(1). Interesting questions. (2). The fact is cfd is not a variation of California Flowers in Desert. (3). It does not exist in nature. (4). It is also not something you can find in the Chinese Food Department in the oriental supermarket. (5). And most important of all, there is no need to get a cfd license to get married, to learn how to drive, or even to act as a cfd expert. (6). With cfd codes everywhere, the need is to become a non-expert in cfd, instead of more experts. (7). Before I know how to talk to the cfd codes, it is hard to answer your questions. Sorry !

Ioannis Dotsikas June 29, 2000 09:31

Re: Navier Stokes Equations
CFD is still developing. The race is not almost done. By the way CFD is usually only a approximation and nothing more. I have never seen in real life a symmetric field! Have you ever seen one? Itīs only convenient to treat a flow as a symmetric field. Try to read throught the lines!!

You might be right. CFD might not be such a great thing. In such a case try to concentrate your activities to managment, try to avoid CFD, people who are involved with CFD or decisions conserning CFD. I hope I helped you further

good luck.


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