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Jitendra June 27, 2000 18:17

Steady state formulation of turbulence ??
hi everybody,

Turbulence is physically unsteady phenomenon in time. Even then when people solve problems with turbulence modelling they try to get converged solutions.... I suppose steady state solutions. now my question is :-

1) Can there be a steady state solution to RANS with turbulence modelling ?

2) If it is not .. then when can we say that solution is converged or giving right transient soluton ?

3) Is there possibility of steady formulation of turbulence itself ?

thanks in advance


John C. Chien June 27, 2000 18:49

Re: Steady state formulation of turbulence ??
(1). First of all, you need to take a course in "turbulence". (2). There are some good books, and you can look into the books section. The standard book are Hinze's "Turbulence" book McGraw-Hill, books by Bradshaw, Tennekes and Lumley, Schlichting's Boundary Layer's Theory.(3).Under the definition of Reynolds time average, in principle, one can obtain the steady state solution, if such solution exist. (4). If there is a white elephant in the flow, then it is possible to change the time period to capture the large structure. The flow will be transient turbulent. (5). The degree of freedom in turbulent flow is so large that, anything is possible.

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