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mehdi June 29, 2000 14:28

Hi, I'm mehdi next time. I'm a student in third cycle (Applied Mathematics) and I'm acivil Engeneering too. I work on Navier Stokes Equations solved by PHOENICS code specialy in case of free surface. I have discretised the Navier Sotkes Equations with finite volume method and differnt finite difference schemes for convection and diffusion terms. So, my problem is in case of compressible fluid (free-surface problems) and if I have an unsteady flow too. I'm not sur how to make Mathematical Stability of Differincing schemes (in Time and space). In PHOENICS code, it is some variables (USOL, CSOL, QSOL....) I don't know the mathematical requirement of this variables which indicate Diffusion.

I know CHAM, I know the document of CHAM(THE PHOENICS EQUATIONS since 1987), I know a document of TRANSOFT INTERNATIONAL ( PHOENICS EQUATIONS ) but I don't find some new informations.

Please if some one can help me with references or send me a document he can contact in this site or with mail.

John Heritage July 5, 2000 06:04

I am not sure I've fully understood what you are trying to do, but the following might help:

(a) Information on the use of differencing schemes in PHOENICS can be found on the CHAM web site: select Encyclopaedia and then 'Schemes of discretization';

(b) Information about free surface flows can be found under Lectures: look at Scalar Equation Method and Height of Liquid method;

(c) If your two phases are genuinely compressible, you would need to make modifications in some of the open-source code for the models.

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