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Roger Peterson June 30, 2000 11:23

Looking for Software Recommendation
Looking for CFD software for fluid mixing dynamic studies and is compatible with ProE...Any Recommendations?


John C. Chien June 30, 2000 12:13

Re: Looking for Software Recommendation
(1). There was a company providing service to solve mixing problems in a mixing tanks or similar devices. (2). I don't have their web address. But the approach is parametric and can set up the geometry quickly. (3). Pro/E is just a CAD program. And most commercial cfd codes have their own geomotry and mesh generation codes which are compatible with the structure of the solver. (4). This is important, because it will elliminate a lot of problems later on. (most cfd codes can handle CAD files, but it is better to use the one in the solver package to avoid un-necessary problems.) (5). So, what kind of fluid mixing dynamic problems are you interested in? Two stream jet mixing, or flow in a mixing tank?

David July 1, 2000 09:27

Re: Looking for Software Recommendation

I would have a look at ICEM CFD for the mesh generation side of CFD. It has fully linked mesh tools inside PRO/E. IE. it is not just a CAD translator. CFD mesh parameters can be assigned inside the GUI of PROE.

For more information look at;

I hope this helps



Alton Reich July 5, 2000 12:44

Re: Looking for Software Recommendation

Our CFD-ACE+ package can simulate mixing with or without chemical reactions. Our CFD-GEOM mesh generator can import IGES files produced by ProE. We also have a direct translator that works on ProE part files.

You can get more information at <> or by contacting me directly.

Regards, Alton

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