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Don Baker June 30, 2000 22:15

PMARC Code maintainers?
I have been searching for the maintainers of the PMARC code at Nasa. I see references to Pmarc_12, and a recent paper on Pmarc_14. I havn't been able to find the authors, or contact information on Dale Ashby or any of the et. al. people.

Do you know where I can get the code, how to get in touch with the authors? Other than going through COSMIC of course.

Last time I bought a code from COSMIC, they sent unusable source. Contacted them, said I had to talk with authors. Contacted NASA authors, they gave me correct source, helped me compile, and told me not to mess with COSMIC again

Thanks for any help.


John C. Chien July 1, 2000 14:29

Re: PMARC Code maintainers?
(1). Since cfd codes are just authors instruction code to do something, the code alone will not be self contained without the author. (2). Even in the case of a commercial code, without the support of the original author(s), all you can get is "AS IS" results or no results. (3). It is like an instruction to predict the winning horse number. One can easily claim that it has predicted accurately the result before. But as we know that, in most cases, we are simply guessing the solutions without knowing whether the solution is actually there. (4). For linear problems, one can in principle develop a code which will give a solution all the time. But still, it depends on how the code (or the step-by-step instruction to the computer) is written. (5). And in all cases, each time I buy a book with a cd attached, I can not return it once the seal is broken. (6). This is the reason why, I have predicted that "any company, without a CFD department,will disappear from the surface of the earth, if the company uses the off-the-shelf codes without the professional help or without reliable test data." (7). So, cfd is not AI software which emulates the decision of a medical doctor. If you are sick, it is a good idea to see a real doctor, instead of buying a CD doctor software. (8). Even a real doctor can make mistake, and this is a very serious business. So, I predict there will be more company failure because they are risking their lives. (9). The bottom line is the solution, not the code. The code can give you the solution, only if you know how. The code doesn't.

Don Baker July 1, 2000 17:26

Re: PMARC Code maintainers?
I used Panair about 15 years ago, and more recently Pmarc. It has just been about 5 years since I worked with it.

These are panel method codes, which is all I need for the design work I am doing. They worked very well for me in the past, just trying to find out where it is now.....


John C. Chien July 1, 2000 21:18

Re: PMARC Code maintainers?
(1). I understand, at that time we were developing Navier-Stokes codes. And people were using PANAIR code. (2). I don't know whether people can survive by hanging on to a potential flow code, I mean the author.(3). A good question, where it is now.... He may be still around. It is better to keep a person than to keep a code, that's always my philosophy. The information about the code is still floating in Internet, just type pmarc into the Internet search sites.

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