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Saif July 2, 2000 01:30

Hi, I am using Phoenics 3.2 VR for my work which is on Numerical simulation of 2 phase flow in a vessel. well, since one of my aim is to explore complex geometries for the same, i want to know wheteher the VR would suffice for my case. Also with the VR can i chnage the Q1 file. it seems a lot of info (i.e. inlets/outlets) are not echoed in the Q1. i am really in doubts about the capability of VR for my case. Also i didn't find any info about specifying the viscosity for a fluid in the 3.2 VR version. i do have the TR 324,325,326 but i am not able to find a solution. Do reply to my queries.

John Ludwig July 4, 2000 05:12

Hi Saif,

This sort of question should be sent direct to - your maintenance pays for them to answer!!

In brief, VR is fine for complex geometries that more or less fill the domain - it is not suitable for things like long bent ducts, where a majority of the cells fall outside the area of interest.

The inlets and outlets are not echoed in Q1 as PATCH/COVAL settings, but are written in the object-related part of the Q1 at the end of the file. Section 11 of TR/326 describes how the object attributes are set. The values here can be hand-edited if you wish, as can the 'normal' PIL settings in the top part of the Q1.

The viscosity of the fluid is set in Main menu, properties. Page 58 of TR/326 shows the property selection panel for single -pahe - in a 2 phase case you get a similar display, but with a toggle to select which phase the properties relate to.

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