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Anis MAALEM July 4, 2000 03:42

John C. Chien, WHO ARE YOU ?

It may seem weird, but who are you, John C. Chien ?

What are your skills in CFD ?

Your accurate responses to all the questions may denote that you are a kind of Professor ?

Am I wrong ?

If not, I want to know more about you.

I don't mean to bother, just currious.


Anis .

John C. Chien July 4, 2000 10:56

Re: John C. Chien, WHO ARE YOU ?Happy Birthday
(1). It's July 4th,2000, Happy Birthday USA!!! (2). The cfd forum is two years old, Happy Birthday !!! (3). Happy Birthday to Everybody !!! (4). My birthday is coming soon, Happy Birthday !!! (5). John C. Chien received a SUPERMAN T-shirt award from his colleagues twenty years ago. He is here to promote the forum and the cfd. Happy Birthday to cfd!!!

I. Dotsikas July 7, 2000 09:11

Re: John C. Chien, WHO ARE YOU ?
you pose the wrong question. Look at cfd journals and you will find everything you need about John Chien. By the way I donīt see the need of such information, or in other words, what if you get your question answered? Nothing would change! You are curious abou the wrong questions.

best regards,


Jason July 7, 2000 14:09

Re: John C. Chien, WHO ARE YOU ?
I don't agree with I.Dotsikas, everyone has his/her right for curiousity. I also want to know something about John C Chien, for example, he works in a company or a University? etc. I think he is a good CFD specilist on this web.

John C. Chien July 7, 2000 22:03

Re: John C. Chien, WHO ARE YOU ?
(1). When I answer a question, I try not to think that I am answering someone's question only. In this way, more readers can use the answer in his or her own way later. (2). For that reason, I try not to become curious in the name of the person who present a message here, or the place he or she works, etc. (3).But it does not prevent the readers from becoming curious. (4). I think, there is this culture difference between the east and the west. Roughly speaking, in the east, it is in their tradition to know everything about people around them. It is essential for the family tradition. It is also very important for the person's job, promotion, etc. It is the society where the connection is very important. I am not talking about the old movie "French Connection". (5). In the west, especially in US, it is the personal ability which has been the driving force in the modern society, not the connection with people around. So, in this busy, hard working environment, one really needs the so-called privacy to get relaxed. The only time one needs the connection is when he or she is looking for a job. (actually, an old friend of mine sent me the e-mail saying that he was able to find a new job again because he kept reading this cfd-online when out of job. that was almost two years ago. He didn't exactly tell me how he did it. But I guess, this cfd-online in a way helped him to get a new job.) (6). You see, in the west, this is normal. This is how people can make real progress (not through the connection with someone who is the ceo, president, or vip.) (7). So, I have been trying to my real me to myself. And hoping that the readers can read the message from his own angle, without a slight hint of the real person. So, even if I am talking about old stories, those stories may not be real at all. (8). So, as long as you are still curious, I think, you will be back here. Just like the TV message, "don't go away, stay tuned".

guo July 8, 2000 13:04

Re: John C. Chien, WHO ARE YOU ?

Z T Xie July 10, 2000 06:16

Re: John C. Chien, WHO ARE YOU ?
Thanks to John C Chien and those who are very active here, because we get a lot.

vijay pargaonkar July 10, 2000 09:54

Re: John C. Chien, WHO ARE YOU ?

Lev July 12, 2000 07:38

Re: John C. Chien, WHO ARE YOU ?
It seems to me that such person as "John C.Chien" does not exist at all in a nature. And "John C.Chien" is a group of jocular old and young CFD-fiend.

John C. Chien July 12, 2000 09:41

Re: John C. Chien, WHO ARE YOU ?
(1). Well, in a way, the cfd forum is a vehicle. (2). The forum itself is a collection of messages and answers. (3). Persons participated in the cfd forum are also vehicles, carrying messages and answers from different places through cfd forum to other places. (4). At this level of activities, individual names are not so important. (5). At the technical meeting and conference level, when papers are presented, the authors must be visible. The technical paper publication also is in the same domain. (6). Here, we are serving as librarians, directing messages and answers only. (I would not present my invention here) (7). The duty of a fashion model is to present the design to the audience. She must hide herself, because it is not a beauty contest for her.

Sanjouie Bedi July 12, 2000 09:58

Re: John C. Chien, WHO ARE YOU ?
I note with keen interest that John C. Chien is not included in the CFD Online Guru listing........surely some mistake?!

Chri July 12, 2000 10:28

Re: John C. Chien, WHO ARE YOU ?Happy Birthday
John C. Chien for GURU!

Jared August 7, 2000 00:22

Re: John C. Chien, WHO ARE YOU ?
Not really, I think.

(1) CFD gurus usually have not enough time to answer the forum questions almost every hour.

(2) He does not have any active academic postion. It may be nonsense to exclude industry engineering as CFD gurus ? Probably too many if included ?

A person, educated in the era of CFD birth and after some decades of hard work, became an expert with experience that very rare number of persons thought important at that time. That experience is nowdays very cruicial. I think he is a lucky guy,grown up in less competitive periods.


John C. Chien August 7, 2000 10:09

Re: John C. Chien, WHO ARE YOU ?not a guru.
(1). I told you he is a superman, he is not just a guru. (2). I happen to have a dictionary around, 1961 edition of Webster's New Secondary School Dictionary. I could not find the word guru between gurgle and gush. So, I can safely assume that it is a foreign word. (3). Is guru one of the character in the Star Wars movie? A person who knows how to use the force rather than the computer? (4). Answer to the question-1: use multi-tasking. He is right now running complex 3-D calculations, planning for the Wednesday's meeting, modifying the 3-D model, answering the forum questions, checking the lotus e-mail,etc..(5). Answer to the question-2:he had reviewed the papers submitted for publication by cfd guru. I think, a guru could be a person sitting under the tree in a far away mountain. (6). Anyway, I could not find the word guru in the dictionary, and I have not seen a guru in cfd either.

Jennie September 5, 2000 14:18

Re: John C. Chien, WHO ARE YOU ?not a guru.
John, I think you need a better dictionary. In mine (the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language), there are four definitions of guru (right between gurney and gush)! The first definition is the "traditional" meaning of a guru as a personal spiritual teacher (from Hinduism), but the definition I think others are referring to in this context is #3a, "a recognized leader in a field."

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