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Abhijit Tilak July 5, 2000 01:46

Low Re k-e model and heat transfer

can anybody out there tell me how to implement the boundary condition for temperature in low re k-e model. Since the first grid point is in viscous sub-layer ie y+<0.1, turbulence is absent in this y+ range. so i can't use law of the wall for temperature. can i use Qw= - K_eff dt/dy where K_eff is conductivity of fluid since turbulence is absent K_turb=0.0. other wise K_eff=K_turb+K_fluid. is this correct? thanks abhijit

Jason July 5, 2000 05:32

Re: Low Re k-e model and heat transfer
Yes, I think so. Because your mesh is fine enough, you can treat it in this way.

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