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Dong-Kyu, Chung July 6, 2000 04:17

Activities of national CFD code development?
Would someone give me information about activities of national CFD code development worldwide? I'd like to get information of national program or projects done or doing for CFD code development. -Organization name, participating structure, fund, schedule and results...

John C. Chien July 6, 2000 09:12

Re: Activities of national ??CFD code development?
(1). What is a "national CFD code"? (2). What is a "national program"? (3). Even if it is in a national laboratory, there will always be many codes being developed. (4). You can first visit the Resources section of this forum to find out the name of the university, university labs, and government labs. And then visit their websites. I am sure that you will find many, many codes being developed at these research laboratories. (5). CFD is just computer applications + fluid dynamics. It covers almost everything on earth. And the core of cfd activities is the researcher himself. If he is not running test, he is likely using computer simulation through a cfd code. (6). Even for the national labs which are responsible for weapon research, I think, you should be able to visit their websites and be able to get the public information about the cfd activities.

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