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Detlef Korte July 6, 2000 08:00

Kato-Launder turbulence model
Hi, I am searching for the paper of Kato and Launder, where they present their k-e turbulence model. This paper was published in the proceedings of "ninth international symposium on turbulent shear flows",Kyoto,1993,paper 10-4. But it is not in the published book of selected papers from this symposium. It is quite often referenced in publications. Can anyone tell me, where I can find it? Thank you.

Jonas Larsson July 6, 2000 08:17

Re: Kato-Launder turbulence model
You are in Karlsruhe? If so then you shouldn't have any problem to get this paper from one of your colleagues. If I'm not misstaken Kato worked together with Prof Rodi in Karlsruhe on vortex-shedding from square-cylinders (ie high buildings) and that is the application this model, or rather ad-hoc correction, was originally developed for.

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