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Ben July 6, 2000 21:38

make a choice between Fluent & CFDRC?
We are planing to buy a commercial CFD code. Mostly we need make a choice between Fluent and CFDRC. Which one is more appropriate to us?

We'd like to use commercial CFD code to solve aerodynamics problems, and compare the results with that from Vortex Lattice Method. By using VLM, we can model the wake vortex coming from the trailing edge and wing tip or the artificial trailing edge of the fuselage. The wakes also could deform freely along the down stream. I am wondering which CFD code could deal with it in a similar way. Futherly we also hope the code could solve aeroelasticity effect.

Another question(may be funny). Is it possible to run a commercial CFD code in Windows 95/98 environment?

Thank you very much for your kind help.

John C. Chien July 6, 2000 23:08

Re: make a choice between Fluent & CFDRC?
(1). That is easy. Just pick one. (2). These are general purpose code, and you should be able to run your problem. (2). The ownership of a code is nothing, because these codes are already on computers and are being used. (3). Let the person who is going to use the code make the final decision, because he is the one who is going to run the code. (4). It is the background of the user which is going to make a difference.

Alton J. Reich July 7, 2000 08:49

Re: make a choice between Fluent & CFDRC?

I'm going to start by admitting a bias because I work for CFDRC. Our FASTRAN code was developed to perform areodynamic simulations, and has been used extensively for aeroelasticity. You can see some examples of aeroelasticity simulations on our web site <>. I can also put you in contact with the people who have performed those simulations.

Our codes can be run on Intel PC platforms, and I think you get the best hardware value from a PC versus a unix workstation. The machine on my desk is a P3-700 with 256Mb of RAM. I personally prefer LINUX over WinNT (98,2000, etc.) as the operating system, because it multi-tasks better. Under LINUX I have found that I can start up a simulation job, and move on to other tasks with minimal slow-down of the task I'm working on. Under Windows the slow-down is much more noticable.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Regards, Alton

Adrin Gharakhani July 7, 2000 13:37

Re: make a choice between Fluent & CFDRC?
If your flow configuration does not have massive separation (and if it does, you know where separation occurs), then I don't see why you'd want to move away from the vortex lattice method? I don't know the exact VLM method you are using, but for simplified flow topologies traditional CFD cannot compete with VLM in terms of solution accuracy, memory requirement and speed. Of course, if the plan is to move to complex geometries then your choice is reasonable.

Adrin Gharakhani

clifford bradford July 14, 2000 15:36

Re: make a choice between Fluent & CFDRC?
i know someone who has used both Fluent and CFDRCs CFD Ace+ and he prefers CFDRCs product as it is easier to use. i have comments about accuracy though

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