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Dusart July 13, 2000 12:15

Compressibility of water

I'm currently looking for values of the "compressibility factor of sea water", function of temperature and pressure Do you have something on the subject?


Z T Xie July 13, 2000 13:30

Re: Compressibility of water
A handbook of fluid.

Good luck

Adrin Gharakhani July 13, 2000 14:21

Re: Compressibility of water
Or a thermodynamics book.

Adrin Gharakhani

Jin Wook LEE July 13, 2000 21:27

Re: Compressibility of water
Dear Dusart

Compressibility of water is fairly strong function of temperature. (And I remember that very weak function of pressure). You can find the value in the following text.

J. P. Holman, Heat Transfer

The approximate value under room temperature is (2~3)e-04 for pure water, depending on temperature, large at high temperature.

Sincerely, Jinwook

Lasse Johansson July 24, 2000 07:08

Re: Compressibility of water
The isentropic compressibility can be calculated from the sound-speed, the isothermal compressibility from the potential density. For sea water (and the oceanic pressure, temperature and salinity intervals) the standard reference is

Fofonoff, P. and Millard, R.C. Jr

Unesco 1983. Algorithms for computation of fundamental properties of

seawater, 1983. _Unesco Tech. Pap. in Mar. Sci._, No. 44, 53 pp.

some of the algorithms have been implemented in MATLAB and can be found at the MATLAB-manufacturers site.

regards Lasse Johansson

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