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Marcos Eike July 15, 2000 17:43

Explication about lift.
Hi all,

What lift? and what do it do?

Ats, Marcos EIke

John C. Chien July 15, 2000 19:26

Re: Explication about lift.
(1). Lift is to increase the potential energy. (2). If moving upward will increase the potential energy, then, aircraft, elevator, and escalator are devices to increase the potential energy (and these are lifting devices.) (3). Since there is a common sense principle: "what goes up must also come down.", make sure that you take the same device to go the round trip. (4). Free fall sometimes is faster to get back to the origin, it is not the ideal way back. So, as long as you have the LIFT, make sure that it is with you all the time until you are safely back. (5). By the way, a faster way to increase the potential energy is to ride the rocket. That's why they always say: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0, ignition, we have lift-off.

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