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Michael Sippel July 17, 2000 15:53

grid generation - photogrammetry

has anyone tested the combination of photogrammetric data (recognition/extraction of three dimensional objects) with methods of 3d-grid generation (i.e. for simulation of airflow around buildings ...)?


Any comments will be appreciated


Kai Kang July 18, 2000 09:26

Re: grid generation - photogrammetry
this has been a very active subject in medical imaging field, you may want to check into that. People are trying to extract 3D info. from MRI/CT images to construct 3D FEA models...

Ed July 18, 2000 13:29

Re: grid generation - photogrammetry
CFD-MICROMESH from can read a 2-d image format (and many others), recognize features, then allow you to extrude each feature according to a variety of specifications....then it automatically generates the 3-d mesh. It does some other things too. It was originally designed for MEMS applications, but is not restricted in any way to small scales. I've seen a picture of a MICROMESH-generated model of the Washington DC area. Go to -> search -> micromesh.

Robert Schneiders July 19, 2000 04:01

Re: grid generation - photogrammetry

take a look at the following paper:

From Medical Images to CFD Meshes Cebral, J.R. and Rainald Lohner Proceedings, 8th International Meshing Roundtable, South Lake Tahoe, CA, U.S.A., pp.321-331, October 1999

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