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sanjeev July 18, 2000 11:45

Riemann solvers
I am looking for a good book which explains about different Riemann solvers in a simple way. Thanks in advance for all coperation

Guus Jacobs July 18, 2000 15:12

Re: Riemann solvers
This online book should give you a good start


Mirza Faisal Baig July 22, 2000 14:31

Re: Riemann solvers
The best introductory book on Riemann solvers is Riemann solvers: An Introduction

by E.F. Toro (Springer Verlag) 2nd Ed. 1999 or 2K

Jonas Larsson July 22, 2000 16:59

Re: Riemann solvers
This book can be found in the new CFD Books Guide - you can find more info about it there. Please feel free to also submit a review of this book if you have read it. There is already one reader-review there, which you might find interesting.

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