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McCarthur, J. July 20, 2000 12:03

Turbine Nozzle Wake
Hi Gentlemen,

Does anybody know who has ever invesitgated the wake characteristics (from the upperstream nozzle) at the downstream of the rotor of the same turbine stage? I am measuring these using 3D hot wire, I need some references. Thanks.


John C. Chien July 20, 2000 12:55

Re: Turbine Nozzle Wake
(1). Check into the publications by Penn State researchers published in ASME/Journal of Turbomachinery. They have done some cfd analysis and testing(?).

clifford bradford July 20, 2000 15:33

Re: Turbine Nozzle Wake
Yes John is correct. Penn State researchers have done a lot of experiments of this sort. Search for author name Lakshminarayana. you can also contact Dr. Lakshminarayana at the Aerospace Department of Penn State. the work was done by his graduate students. you will also be able to find some multistage CFD work in ASME journal of turbomachinery as well

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