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Seung Yi July 25, 2000 19:41

viscosity of blood
I am interested to know if there are resources out there that can tell me what the viscosity of blood is, more specifically:

1. An equation of the viscosity of blood versus hematocrit level.

2. Viscosity equation for blood using an Non-Newtonian model, i.e. Power Law equation or some other equation.

John C. Chien July 25, 2000 20:43

Re: viscosity of blood
(1). Check the website: plasma viscosity and blood viscoelasticity , + references

Kai Kang July 26, 2000 09:52

Re: viscosity of blood
Another source is to check out papers by K. Perktold (A mathematician from Australia did a lot of work of CFD blood flow). He has several CFD studies based on the non-newtonian properties of blood.

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