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Steve Collie July 26, 2000 01:03

Aerofoil data
Hi, I am looking for a test case to validate turbulence models against. We propose to write a CFD package for flows past 2D downwind sail sections so I am really looking for a high-lift aerofoil operating in partially stalled conditions in a fully turbulent flow. Perhaps a NACA foil with high curvature and high angles of attack. The data I need is - Lift and Drag, Separation points and perhaps plots of pressure coefficient. If anyone knows were I could find this data it would be much appreciated.


Sergei Chernyshenko July 26, 2000 05:12

Re: Aerofoil data
Click on Resources at the top of this page and then on Airfoils there.

Charles Crosby July 26, 2000 16:01

Re: Aerofoil data
You may want to take a look at some of the modern airfoils designed for slightly bizarre special conditions. The one I tried to do an analysis of is the Selig S1223 - it is so highly cambered that there is nearly always some separation present, so the operating conditions are somewhat similar to a downwind sail. It's not an easy CFD problem. XFoil (2d panel method & boundary layer code) would normally be one's tool of choice for low Reynolds number airfoils, but it was extremely difficult to get converged results on this problem. Agreement with a 2d unstructured Navier-Stokes code using Baldwin-Lomax turbulence model was rather poor. I think that the Stuttgart profile catalogue may have some experimental results on an airfoil for human-powered flight, once again, I think that is a similar operating condition, although the flow is unlikely to be very turbulent. The other area worth exploring for validation cases may be wind-turbine blades - apparently this flow is normally fully turbulent, due to the abrasion on the leading edges of the blades.


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