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Matt Mason July 26, 2000 17:53

WIND 3.0 from NPARC Alliance

I have just installed WIND 3.0 for PC and I am looking for anyone else that is using WIND preferably on a PC (other platforms ok). I am looking for examples and tutorials on how to utilize WIND effectively.

What I am interested in studying is external subsonic airflow over wings.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace with some exposure to CFD coding, McCormick's Technique (predictor-corrector method), panel method, vortex method and others (basic college stuff).

Thanks Matt

Doug July 27, 2000 08:48

Re: WIND 3.0 from NPARC Alliance
Try the NPARC Alliance Validation web sight

It has a lot of WIND sample cases and fairly detailed descriptions of each case. I know they have an ONERA M6 Wing test case and an airfoil with flap case among others.

steve podleski August 3, 2000 13:03

Re: WIND 3.0 from NPARC Alliance
Has the preprocessor and postprocessor utilities been converted for the PC? In the past these utilities could only run on UNIX machines.

Matt Mason August 3, 2000 13:44

Re: WIND 3.0 from NPARC Alliance
Yes wind, GMAN and CFPOST have both been converted to PC and it is also availabe in LINUX format.

The source codes can be compiled to any platform you want as long as compiler exist for the specific platform and the compiler can read F77, F90, C labguages.

steve podleski August 4, 2000 00:49

Re: WIND 3.0 from NPARC Alliance
Matt, thanks for the update. I had pushed for some time for GMAN and CFPOST to be converted for PC usage.

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