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behrang fouladi July 27, 2000 04:16

question about ANSYS/FLOTRAN
hi all,

I'm using ANSYS/FLOTRan to model an aluminium melting furnace.but I face trouble in gas radiation section of analysis.please if somebody have experience in this field contact me thanks

Adam Wu July 27, 2000 21:14

Re: question about ANSYS/FLOTRAN
Which version are you using? As far as I know, before ver. 5.6, ANSYS/FLOTRAN cannot deal with both surface exchange radiation and participating medium.

behrang fouladi July 28, 2000 04:01

Re: question about ANSYS/FLOTRAN
I'm using ansys 5.4.but it's manual says that you can apply RAD surface load and matrix50 superelement.anyway can I use FLUENT in this field?if so how can i get some examples about furnace analysis ? thank you very much about your attension


nuray kayakol July 28, 2000 12:43

Re: question about ANSYS/FLOTRAN
Are you looking for some examples solved by Fluent or any application solved by non-commercial codes. As far as I know that Fluent uses discrete transfer model for radiative heat transfer analysis. In this model number of rays is the most important parameter that affects the accuracy. Please do not hesitate to ask further questions about modelling of radiative heat transfer analysis in furnaces.

Adam Wu July 28, 2000 22:26

Re: question about ANSYS/FLOTRAN
I had experience on modeling convection+ radiation in a oven, may be the information below gives you some ideas. There is a option in ANSYS/FLOTRAN to use radiation, but it limits to the surface radiating to the ambient. It does not calculate the view factor for surface exchange. I did hear that the radiation matrix from ANSYS/THERMAL moudle can be imported to the ANSYS/FLOTRAN, but then it require a lots of iterations and I think it is a difficult task. Regarding to your problem, it seems that you both need enclosure analysis + participating medium analysis. Since participating medium is involved, it complicates the system a lots. Anyway, I suggest you first perform the convection analysis using ANSYS/FLOTRAN and import the heat flux result to the ANSYS/THERMAL for analysis, and iterate on the temperature solution.

Alton Reich July 29, 2000 12:29

Re: question about ANSYS/FLOTRAN

Our radiation module interfaces seemlessly with our flow solver and heat transfer module. It can handle semi-tansparent media and participating media. For some examples go to <> Select the Quick Links box and choose "MC-Radiation"

As an aside I've used various parts of ANSYS, and it is difficult at best to couple different solutions.

Regards, Alton

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