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mehdi July 29, 2000 13:50

volumetric conservation equation in PHOENICS code
In case of the two methods HOL and SEM implemented in PHOENICS code for simulating free surface flows, the continuity equation was formulated in term of volumetric conservation as D(Ln(RHO))/Dt+du/dx+dv/dy+dw/dz=0.

REF: Free surface flow and heat transfer in cavities: the sea algorithm K.A Percilious & al 1995

Numerical heat transfer Part B, 27:487-507, 1995

1- what are the steps followed to discretise this equation by finite volume method ?

2- What is the discretized form of this equation ?

Thank you.

Hydraulic and Environemental Modeling Laboratory National Engineering School of Tunisia

John C. Chien July 29, 2000 19:14

(1). The code related message should be posted in the code specific forum, not in this main forum. (2). You should find the right one at the first page of the forum.(3). For code internal structure, it is a good idea to talk to the vendor directly. Send the e-mail to them.

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