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Bart Venneker August 1, 2000 05:36

finite-volume version of SUPG
I know that in some commercial finite-element packages the Streamline Upwind Petrov-Galerkin method (SUPG) is used for the convection terms. Cross-stream numerical diffusion is much better avoided with this method. I myself am using a finite-volume package and I wonder if anyone knows the equivalent version of SUPG for finite-volume simulations.

Thanks very much

Bart Venneker

Dr. Hrvoje Jasak August 1, 2000 06:00

Re: finite-volume version of SUPG

The equivalent existed in the early 80s and it was called SUD (Streamwise Upwind differencing of Skew Upwind differencing). Unfortunately, it suffers from unboundedness and it is too diffusive, so it has been dropped (from the mainstream) quite a long time ago.


Bart Venneker August 1, 2000 07:36

Re: finite-volume version of SUPG
I have testes some Skew Upwind Schemes myself (SUDS, FMSUD, Cupid, STOIC, SUWD) and I noted the unboundness near discontinuities. That's why I find it curious that in finite-element these problems are apparently solved, whereas in finite-volume (or difference) --- which is usually in advance of FE --- this line of reasoning has been rejected.

Thanks for your response

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