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Gauthier Lambert August 3, 2000 06:54

GAMBIT meshing problem
My meshing problem is the following:

I tried to create the geometry and meshing for a 2-d spinning ellipse in a rectangular duct using GAMBIT. I used the 'tools' option, created the edges of the duct by placing appropriate vertices in appropriate locations. I also created the boundary of the ellipse at the center of the duct. I then created faces from these edges for both the ellipse and the duct. The problem occured when i tried to mesh the resulting geometry.

I specified the no of nodes along each edge of the rectangular duct and created a structured mesh on these faces. Unfortunately Whenever the meshing took place it completely ignores the presence of the ellipse in the duct and meshes right through it as if it didn't exist. I was hoping it would mesh around it! I tried to create a boundary layer around the ellipse inorder to signal the presence of the ellipse obstacle to the oncoming flow but the problem here was that the computer would only allow me to create a boundary layer on the inside surface of the ellipse, not on the outside. What is the best way to go about such a problem in your opinion(s) ?

I'd be very grateful if anyone could help me with the above problem.

Gauthier Lambert

Kai Kang August 3, 2000 09:22

Re: GAMBIT meshing problem
first delete your ellipse face completely, then shade your model see if the duct face has a ellipse void, if not (most probably not), you need undo twice or go back to original model, substract the ellipse from the duct face, that will do it.

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