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Phan Cong Thuong August 7, 2000 04:43

Look for document about CFD and the two-phase flow
Hi, My name is Phan Cong Thuong, My age is 24, My nationality is Vietnamese, I am an Aeronautical Engineer of The Technical University HCMC, VietNam. I am researching on The multi-phase flows. You are a member of CFD forum. I have just happened to see your name in the web of CFD Forum. Could you help me to look for the document about The multi-phase flow!!!! In my country, so far nobody research about this domain, so it is lack of the information about this. Please, help me!!! Thank you very much!!!! BYE, THUONG.

mehdi August 7, 2000 05:22

Re: Look for document about CFD and the two-phase
- Flow Modeling and Turbulence Measurements; Fourth International Symposium on Refined Flow Modelling and Turbulence Measurements.

By: Liang, Zai-chao; Chen, Ching Jen and Cai, Shutang ; Hemisphere Publishing Corporation, 1992

- Modelling and Solution Techniques for Multiphase Flow: Proceedings; Ispra Courses on Nuclear Engineering and Technology

By: Jones, Alan V. ; Harwood Academic Publishing, 1988

- General principles and applications for multiphase flow models.

Handbook of Multiphase Systems; By: Hetsroni, Gad; McGraw Hill, 1981

- Computational Fluid Dynamics With Moving Boundaries Series in Computational and Physical Processes in Mechanics and Thermal Sciences.

By: Shyy, Wei; Udaykumar, H. S.; Rao, Madhukar M. and Smith, Richard W.

Taylor & Francis, 1995 Readers Rating: N/A

- Computational Modelling of Free and Moving Boundary Problems II

Second International Conference on Computational Modelling of Free and Moving Boundaries

By: Wrobel, L. C. and Brebbia, C. A. Computational Mechanics, 1993

- Mathematical Modelling of Flow through Porous Media By: World Scientific Publishing (Editor) World Scientific Publishing, 1995

- Computational Techniques for Complex Transport Phenomena

By: Shyy, W.; Ouyang, H.; Blosch, E.; Thakur, S. S. and Liu, J.

Cambridge University Press, 1997

Best Regards

Mehdi Ben Elhadj

Applied mathematics laboratory

National Engineering School of Tunisia (E.N.I.T)

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