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frederic felten August 7, 2000 12:31

source or sink??
Hi there,

I'm working with collocated grid, and i'm concern about the conservation error coming from the pressure term. Morinishi et al. (JCP 143, 90-124, 1998) pointed out that these errors are dissipative and thus the collocated grid may be stable althought affected by conservation error!! So my question is, are these errors always a sink, or for some cases it might be a source?? If you know some publication addressing this topic please let me know! Sincerely,

Frederic Felten.

andy August 8, 2000 05:47

Re: source or sink??
May I ask for a bit of clarification since I do not have the reference cited.

Conservation error of what? Mass? Momentum? Energy?

Dissipating what?

What terms are you introducing that depart from symmetric differencing of the governing equations?

frederic felten August 8, 2000 12:35

Re: source or sink??
hi andy,

The pressure term has a conservation error in the transport of kinetic energy. I could send you a copy of this article, for you to be able to understand the full problem. Just email me at


frederic Felten

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