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clifford bradford August 8, 2000 11:43

can anyone point me to some online links about preconditioning. Thanks

mehdi ben elhadj August 8, 2000 12:13

Re: preconditioning

you can write your question at "Math Forum" on

Best Regards

John C. Chien August 8, 2000 12:15

Re: preconditioning
(1) Try to type "preconditioning cfd" into Yahoo site. You will see many additional places related the subject. Don't have the time to go through it.

Kalyan August 8, 2000 15:57

Re: preconditioning
Prof. Merkle (who is at UTSI) has worked in the area of preconditioners for reacting and non-reacting flows are a long time. You can check out some of his papers.

You can find preconditioning techniques discussed in linear algebra books but for flow problems you are better of with some CFD papers. This is because preconditioning is tricky business and there are no universal guidelines.

Jonas Larsson August 9, 2000 03:25

Re: preconditioning
Bill Kleb has a web-page about preconditioning in CFD. You can find it at <A HREF=""></A>. It isn't that complete or up-to-date, but you can download some documentation written by Eli Turkel.

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